Welcome to Bright Minds Academy

Why Bright Minds Academy

At Bright Minds, our priority is to maintain an environment that is safe, educational, and fun! Our mission at the Academy is to provide the highest quality of care and education to the newest generation of Hays.

Our highly qualified staff breathe life into this mission by treating every child with the love and respect they deserve, while providing age appropriate, engaging activities.

Accountability and security are important to us. Only parent-authorized guardians can enter our facility through a secure entrance, and parents have access to our camera system for their child(ren)’s room(s).

Thank you for considering Bright Minds Academy in your search for childcare. We look forward to the opportunity to learn and grow with you and your child!

Our Top Priority

The safety of your child is our #1 concern at Bright Minds. Our entrance is locked down to certified guardians, we have cameras that parents can view in every room, and we always ensure we have proper teacher-to-child ratios. While having a fun day of learning is very important to us, it will never come at the expense of any child’s safety.


At Bright Minds Academy, we have built our Shining Scholars Preschool education around Scholastic’s “Big Day For Pre-K” curriculum. Education is extremely important to us, so we strive to make our content and environment great for learning.

All of the rooms at Bright Minds get a version of this curriculum that is appropriate to the age and skill level of the class. Each of our lessons are served with a heaping side of FUN to ensure that children want to participate and learn as they grow.

Learning Through Experiences

One look at our Facebook page will tell you everything you need to know about our LOVE of involving the kids with crafts and activities. We believe that children retain more of the things that we want them to learn if we provide hands-on experiences for them. No matter what we are learning for the week, we have a craft or activity planned every single day!

Best Friends

Learning how to appropriately interact with our friends is a major focus of the program at Bright Minds. Helping children learn how to positively interact with their peers and teachers is a skill we hope to instill in every child prior to them graduating from the Academy. Forming life long friendships while treating each other with respect is the goal!

Don’t Worry. Be Happy!

We strive to excel in everything we do so that the only thing left is for children to be their happy selves! Safety, education, and relationships are so very important to little people. If we ensure they are getting the things that they need, our hope is that they look forward to coming back every single day.


Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and education. In our infant room, we treat your baby like they are our own.


Using a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play, and physical activity, our qualified staff will engage with your child.


We provide a structured, curriculum-based environment combined with exploratory play to ensure your child becomes kindergarten-ready.

What The Parents Say

Our Rooms & Classes

Our classrooms were built and staged with creative play and learning in mind. We want the children at Bright Minds to learn through exploration and play with a sprinkle of structure and curriculum.

All of our rooms have a space for every child to enjoy. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our kids building bonds with their friends and enjoying the environment that we created for them.

Our facility is equipped with five ADA compliant bathrooms to ensure we maintain an inclusive environment and provide adequate space for potty training practice!

Months Old
Class Size

Beaming Babies

Our infant room accommodates up to six infants. Your baby's safety and growth are our top priorities. We have several activity centers set up for ages birth through 12 months!
Months Old
Class Size

Twinkling Tots

Our 2.5-4 year old room is where we introduce a more structured learning environment. Here we strive to have our kids overly ready to move into our Pre-K curriculum as they learn and grow.
Months Old
Class Size

Kosmic Kidz

Our 1-2.5 year old room is the perfect place for a brand new toddler to learn and grow. At such a fun age, we focus on milestones ranging from walking to learning the alphabet!
Months Old
Class Size

Shining Scholars

The Pre-K room is for ages 3-school age. Our Pre-K program is curriculum based to ensure children are ready for kindergarten by the time they graduate.

Your Child Has A Home At Bright Minds Academy